About our client

Pleegzorg Nederland is a Netherlands-based collaboration platform for foster care organizations that provides information to the public and press, coordinates the recruitment of foster parents, and disseminates national information material about foster care. Their main objective is to create a realistic and positive image of foster care. Pleegzorg Nederland does not provide foster care itself but stimulates and facilitates the recruitment of new foster parents.

In the Netherlands, 22,000 children are in direct need for foster care due to their difficult home situation. Therefore, Pleegzorg Nederland received a total of €10 million in subsidy from Ministry of Health, Wellfare, and Sports, to establish a digital campaign to recruit foster parents, called “Open your world” (in Dutch: Open je Wereld). The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness for the societal foster care problem. Sciential was tasked with generating as many foster parents as possible within a three-month period in 2019. 

Sciential designed a full customer journey strategy to reach potential foster parents and make them digitally aware of the “Open your World” campaign. The goal of the strategy was to activate the target audience (e.g. “adults aged between 45 or 65 years” or “vital seniors”)  to go to the campaign website, persuade them to engage in a profile test, and eventually convert them into signups for a subsequent email flow. By re-engaging with these individuals through e-mail marketing, they signed up for the information meetings.

Sciential used digital channels, such as search advertising, social media advertising (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and programmatic display advertising to target, engage and activate the target audience. First, a test-and-learn approach was used in which multiple targeting variables were tested and data outcomes were studied. Then, the best performing targeting methods were scaled to generate leads (i.e. potential foster parents) more efficiently and in higher volume.

By the end of the campaign, Sciential achieved 60,000 website visitors, 25,000 completed tests, and eventually 7,000 signups for the email flow. The “Open your World” campaign received the prestigious EMEA SABRE Awards 2020 for best case non-profit. This price was received by Sciential’s contractor DearDan&Friends.

Going forward

As a result of the successful campaign, Sciential is assigned to continue contributing to the “Open your World” campaign for the next two years. In 2021, Sciential will expand its contribution by also running campaigns for separate regions and municipalities to acquire new foster parents.